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Joe started his Men’s Club journey at Oxford Circle Jewish Community Centre-Brith Israel after he got married in 1984. He held every possible position, but one, Club President. Each position he held at OCJCC-BI, he was excited to be installed by his mentor, Past International Vice President, and Past MAR President Michael Brassloff.

Joe has been involved with the Temple Beth Sholom’s Men’s Club in Cherry Hill, NJ, since 1991. He was the TBS Men’s Club President from 1999-2001. He is an integral part in their Steak & Scotch event, which takes place during the week of Sukkot. You can always find Joe manning the grill, cooking steaks along with the buying and preparing some of the accompanying dishes and appetizers for the event. This is one of his favorite events. He has also worked on many other events, including running the kitchen for the Sunday morning breakfasts. Joe was very instrumental in re-introducing Men’s Club Shabbat after several year absence of this event from Temple Beth Sholom. Joe has also been a part of many Monday Night Football events and has mentored new board and new members of the TBS Men’s Club.

In 1993 Joe became an active member in the Middle Atlantic Region of the FJMC. There he held the following offices, Corresponding Secretary, Vice President, Executive Vice President and in 2006-2008 was President. Joe has chaired the MAR Man of the Year dinner for several years. Joe has also participated in LDI (Leadership Development Institute) for many years. After being President, Joe has always been available for advice and help to the Presidents’ that served after him. He is also an active member in the International FJMC. He has served on the Executive board, has been a Vice President and has worked on many international conventions. In 2019, Joe was the chair of the International FJMC convention that was held in Toronto, Canada.  In his opinion, Joe feels that attending an international convention is the most important program a Men’s Club member can attend.

In 2018 he was awarded the MAR Regional Man of the Year. The following year at the 2019 convention Joe received the Ma’asim Tovim award.

Joe attended Riverside High School in NJ, and attended East Carolina University and Rutgers University in Camden, NJ. He worked in his family Medical Supply business running the inside sales department for years. After that he has been a sales consultant for various medical supply companies and continues to have that position with McKesson Medical Supplies.  Joe and his wife Debbie have two children, Neil and Sara. Sara is married to Ariel, they have two adorable grandchildren, Nathan who is 6 and Asher who is 3.

Joe has always had a special place in his heart for men’s club. Whether it be at the club level, MAR level or the International Level. He always says Men’s club is his relaxation and stress reliever. He continues to be an active member at Temple Beth Sholom, MAR and at the International FJMC.  It is truly a labor of love for him for the past 39 years