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Dr. Alex Kiderman – Tri-State Region

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Dr. Alexander Kiderman is a VP of Technology Development of Neurolign Technology Inc., biomedical company. Dr. Kiderman was trained as a mechanical engineer and received his Ph.D in mechanical engineering from Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia. Dr. Kiderman devoted his engineering and academic career developing new technology, equipment and software. His initial professional focus was in heavy industries. His professional engineering career started in mining industry where he designed longwall conveyors, among other inventions, that revolutionized the coal extraction. He was fortunate to travel across the USA in overseeing installation and operation of the mining equipment. For the last 20 years, he shifted his interests to developing new tests and improving the diagnostic accuracy of the existing tests used to assess vestibular dysfunction and mild Traumatic Brain Injury patients (mTBI). The majority of his work has been centered on development of advanced research and clinical technology and equipment including multiaxial rotation devices, high speed high resolution eye tracking system, and virtual reality 3D head mounted eye tracking systems. He designed, developed and implemented the advanced oculomotor, vestibular and reaction time tests. His work to develop vestibular, mTBI and different clinical technologies was supported by multiple NIH and DOD grants. Recently, he became one of the principal investigators in diagnosing and developing treatment pathways for long COVID by assessing neurological impacts of the disease. He received more than 50 patents and published multiple papers in research journals, presented results of research on multiple domestic and international conference and symposia.

From the Jewish perspective, Dr. Kiderman started his involvement upon joining us in our midst in the USA from the Soviet Union, when he became the President of the Jewish New Americans Club associated with Congregation Beth Shalom. The organization played a key role in integrating hundreds of new arrivals from the former eastern bloc countries to the new world.  Subsequently, Dr. Kiderman became involved in Congregation Beth Shalom Men’s Club, evolved in appointment of president of the same, being member of the Board of Trustees of his congregation. Simultaneously, he has been serving on the Hebrew Free Loan Association board for over 15 years and later being elected President of the organization. He served as the President of Tri-State Region and now he is an International Vice-President of FJMC. Dr. Kiderman is looking forward to continuing his involvement in various organizations in advancing the progression of the Jewish and secular causes.

In parallel, he has been cultivating the art of organic wine making, drawing from the ancient sources, and combining with the modern scientific advances of the craft. For over 20 years, he enjoyed both the process and the fruits of the nature, delighting friends, business acquaintances, and members of both his local congregation and far-flung Jewish brethren with the elixir of the sun, according to Galileo.