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Daniel Silverstein - KIO+ Region

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Born November 6 1957 Age 65 To Sol and Lois Silverstein in Cleveland Ohio. I grew up in the city of Beachwood Ohio and started in kindergarten at Park Synagogue. I have been a member of Park Synagogue in Cleveland Ohio  all my life. I went to Beachwood schools and graduated from The Ohio State University in 1979. I got a marketing degree but started working as a accountant for four years.

My Dad and my grandfather were both in the juke box and game business. I liked vending but I saw no future in their business. Too many home video games and cd players. I decided in March of 1983 to buy a soda machine and place it in a law firm my friends were working at. By this time, I had already married my college sweetheart Marlene and we were living in Cleveland.

My father had just passed away suddenly , and my brother and I were running his business. This gave me the opportunity to find more beverage and snack locations. I started buying soda and snack machines two at a time. After a while I got financial assistance and began soliciting and building this part of the business. I gave my brother my dad’s Business and I have been in my own business almost forty years.

In 1986 Marlene and I welcomed our first child Michael into the world. Soon after second son  Brian came along. We bought a house in Solon Ohio and raised our kids. I was always the type of person who liked organizations, so as the kids were off to college, I got really involved in Park Men’s Club. I served every office, from secretary to President. I learned how to create programs and use my speaking ability to bring in new members.

Tom Sudow convinced me to go to LDI and I met many guys from all over the country and even started teaching classes on Men’s club activities. Of course, I went to International conventions and became involved in my Region as an officer. Soon I was President of the KIO Region. I was also Man of the year of the Park Men’s Club during that time. I have worked on different committees, but have never held a major office on the International level. I enjoy working for my local club and for KIO. I was very honored to receive this year’s Ma asim Tovim  award.