Managing Director
Project Max

Eric is an experienced nonprofit and financial services executive and an active pro-Israel advocate. Eric spent the first 30 years of his career in Financial Services and the last several years focused on impact investing and nonprofit work with a specific focus on bringing people together, coexistence, and mutual respect. He is currently the the Executive Director of Project Max which is a partnership between the Maccabi World Union and Sighteer, that is creating a community that cares about sports, and sports’ role in fighting racism, antisemitism, and intolerance; an Advisory Board Member of Athletes For Israel, which works to combat antisemitism and advocate for messages of inclusiveness through professional athletes and influencers; the Executive Director and Board Member of Together Vouch For Each Other U.S., an Arab-Israeli nonprofit organization; the President and Chairman of the Board of P3 Israel, a Texas based non-profit making people-to-people and community-to-community connections between the U.S. and Israel; a Board Member of the Baltimore Zionist District; a Board member of Strength to Strength, a non-profit established to support victims of terrorism; an Advisory Board Member of The International Legal Forum, which is fighting legal battles against terror, antisemitism, and de-legitimization of Israel; and, President and CEO of Uncommon Charitable Impact, a 501(c)(3) donor advised fund;. In addition, Eric serves as a Senior Advisor to several Israeli tech companies including Hour25.AI and Fabric, as well as a Strategic Advisory Board Member of the A.C.U Fund, an innovative Israeli venture capital fund with a focus on sustainability.

Prior to assuming these responsibilities, Eric served as the President and CEO of Uncommon Investment Advisors and Chief Investment Officer of Uncommon Giving Corporation. Prior to joining Uncommon, he served as a consultant to OurCrowd, one of Israel’s most active venture capital firms, and as senior managing director of Axiom: Integrated Advisor Solutions, an integrated wealth management advisory platform. Eric’s extensive leadership roles in investment advisory services have further included serving as CEO of a western Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Co-founder and President of American Independence Funds, a boutique mutual fund company in New York.

Rubin’s tenure in financial services has included founding and leading an independent financial planning firm that specialized in wealth management for professional athletes. He previously distinguished himself by creating ING Retirement Services, which was selected by the NBA/NBPA to launch the first 401(k) plan for the league’s players. The NBA/NBPA also selected Eric to conduct the NBA’s Financial Literacy program for three years. Over the years, he has served in instrumental positions at a host of leading financial firms which have included Mercantile Bank and Trust Company, First Data Investment Services, DST International, Furman Selz, and Banc One Investment Advisors.

Project Max

Project Max is a leading organization in the fight against racism, antisemitism, and intolerance in sports. Aiming to spread values of inclusion and diversity at scale, Project Max is building an athletic Advisory Board that brings together professional athletes and Olympic medalists who wish to be outspoken advocates in this fight.

Despite ongoing efforts to curb the trend, both racism and antisemitism are on the rise - in sports and beyond. Those of us committed to Project Max believe that we are stronger together. Sports can build bridges between different communities, and as we unite in the fight against racism and antisemitism, we can make a difference. We believe that if African-American communities will fight antisemitism and Jewish communities will fight racism, then both communities will win and we can restore the historical bonds of these two communities – much like we had during the prime of the Civil March movement when leading Jewish figures stood with Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights activists.

Maccabi World Union, the leading global Jewish Sports organization, and Sighteer, a pioneer in personalized AI content generation, joined forces to create Project Max and bring cutting edge AI technologies to counter growing hate speech. In addition, other organizations are embracing Project Max’s approach and partnering with us including Athletes For Israel (AFI) and Christian’s United For Israel (CUFI)
While social media has amplified the reach of hate speech, Project Max empowers supporters to share positive messages with ease.

Led by Eric Rubin, Project Max is connecting the dots from the early days of Jewish Sport in Europe before WWII to leading modern-day athletes that are saying no to racism and antisemitism today. Taking an innovative approach, Project Max paves the way towards a hate free future in sports and beyond.

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